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Protecting you and your Family from Snakes

Snakes – and the risk of Snake Bites – are a real threat to people living in India, with less than half the species found in India being venomous.

Most snakes are extremely timid creatures and are only likely to attack if cornered or provoked as attack is, in most instances, simply a form of defence.

The required treatment for a Snake Bite varies from species to species and being able to identify the species of snake that has bitten someone is an important part of the procedure. You can learn more about some of India’s more common snakes in our Pest Guides section.

Snake Repellent

This service was designed as a preventative measure to stop snakes from entering your premises. It is not a lethal chemical, but more of a repellant that is applied on the surfaces and periphery of the structure, acting as a barrier to entry.

Service Offerings:

Annual Contract consisting of a monthly service

Service offered only in select locations.

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