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While tea and snacks are a polite way of welcoming guests in your home, greeting them with pests like cockroaches and rodents is certainly not the way ahead.
  • Pest control is a necessity for hoteliers as this industry is more prone to pest infestation than probably any other industry, given the inherent nature of the business.
  • A reputation earned over years and years of hard work can turn to dust in the event of a pest infestation that gets out of control.
  • Pest like rats are capable of causing serious damage to buildings, destruction of insulation, electrical fires and more such structural damage to property.
  • Businesses can incur losses due to the energy loss that comes from buildings that are damaged by rodents.
  • Pest infestations can even result in closure of the business if the pest infestation increases.
  • Adverse publicity and litigation can be even more costly in terms of relationships and future business.
The pest control services provided by Live helper are hidden from the eye of your guests.
  • Live helper recognizes the importance of protecting the public from the threats to public health associated with pests
  • We devise a customized pest control solution to fit the unique needs of your facility

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