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Flies Control In Bangalore

Do You Know?

Danger Signs
  • Live insects and dead insects
  • Fly spots or droppings, on windows and other areas
  • Maggots — flies in their larval stage

Potential Harm

Fly infestations on the premise can have adverse effects
  • Spread diseases, such as Cholera, Typhoid, tuberculosis, parasitic worms and Salmonella
  • Contaminate foodstuffs
  • Some fly species will bite people

Business Consequences

  • Reputation - customers and employees gain the impression of dirt and dereliction
  • Damage - to health and hygiene reputation
  • Cost - loss of customers, disposal of contaminated foodstuffs, increased maintenance cost

Steps to Take

  • Removal of breeding environment essential for effective long–term fly control
  • Correct identification of the fly species is paramount — you will need professional help here
  • Insect proofing: Fit fly screens to windows especially around kitchen, food preparation and waste areas
  • Monitoring Fly infestations - Deployment of Luminos Fly Control units
  • Regular inspection visits from qualified pest control technicians to prevent recurrence of fly infestations.

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