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Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility is integral to the way we do business and we've developed a full range of environmental pest control, health and safety, employee and customer relations policies to make clear exactly where we stand.

We support these Good Practice Procedures through an extensive set of good practice guidelines that cover everything from health and safety on customer premises, to the fundamentals of environmental pest control, to using water wisely.

We have launched a few programs for companies and Public health, as we have found that the public is not totally aware of the dangerous effects some pest species can have on human health. We have launched the Pest Awareness program for school children, where children are introduced to the world of pests and learn basic rules of sanitation, in order to prevent outbreaks at home. We also have conducted several pest control activities in some of the affected areas.

Everyone at Live helper, from Service Technicians out in the field to senior management in the boardroom, demonstrates a firm commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and environmental pest control by putting our good practice guidelines into action on a daily basis.

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